Sunday, December 2, 2007

Polaris and the Pine Tree

I got a new flashlight this week. It has a handle like the BFG in Doom/Quake. When I squeeze the trigger things around it get warm quick.

Photo is a 13 minute exposure of the North Star and my neighbor's pine tree. I used the 2 million candlepower flashlight, an SB-600 flash with a homemade grid spot attached.


Mona said...

Thanks for explaining.I was wondering if that was a focus light, like the ones we use to light up the buildings!

It is a wonderment how the flashlight was able to light up a whole pine tree!!!

Is that tiny 'speck' in the sky the North star?

That is one of the best 'dusk photo' I have ever seen!

Black Wolf said...

That's so amazing to the earth's rotation around the northern star in the trails that the stars left from the long exposure. Great shot!

Black Wolf said...

opps: I meant to say "to see the earth's rotation..."